The Fortress.

It has been described as a fortress!

A fortress attempting to abolish the ultimate threat to this country.

What threat you ask?  Political corruption ? Unlawful weaponry ? Sectarianism ? Unemployment ? Drugs? oh no! all these threats slowly demolishing Lebanon are nothing compared to the ultimate evil at work here , Homosexuality and transsexuality.

Ah yes! The Knight Mayor Antoine Chakhtoura of the fortress known as Dekweneh raided the gay-friendly club  “Ghost” without a prior notice or the frame time that is usually given which is of 5 days. Yes , a raid that had no lawful standing whatsoever. Why was the Knight of Dekweneh offended? Individuals of the same-sex holding hands , socializing and cuddling was far too offensive for him. What was more offensive apparently was the fact that transsexuals also frequented this place , and excuse me for using labels.

The knight continued further in this disgrace by holding people unlawfully and taking them down to the municipality building where they were verbally and physically abused by the knight and his loyal followers. The victims were later interrogated and stripped in order for pictures of the them to be taken and consequently circulated online. I , again , stress on the fact that all of these actions have no legal standing whatsoever.

One of the victims reported the following :

“They hit me and pushed me around and insulted me by using derogatory terms like ‘faggot’ and ‘half-a-man,’ then they asked demeaning questions such as how much do I make per hour and whether I enjoy ‘sucking on it,’ then asked me to strip naked and then took photographs of me.”

The Mayor Knight had no shame in justifying his crime on national television. A clear violation of the constitution itself  as many professionals in the field of law indicated. Will this crime pass unpunished ? Will the Knight be spared from the dungeons ?

Sure not! The outrage on social media is apparent. Even the Lebanese Broadcasting Agency (LBC) denounces the actions of Mayor Chakhtoura.

The battle for justice shall continue with the support of the strongest power there is ; The media. Yes , the media holds the influence on the public opinion , and the media shall ensure the fall of the Knight of Dekweneh.

The Knight of Dekweneh, Antoine Chakhtoura raids gay catering club unlawfully.


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